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    Interviews New Zealand
    Pods from the Tropics
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    If we accept that language, culture and identity are intertwined, the knowledge of a foreign language should heighten this awareness and understanding as it provides insight into other patterns of meaning and experience. However, in many contexts, little or superficial attention is given to this live, complex inter-cultural, inter-disciplinary and personal dimension of learning a new language so the experience remains fragmented and frustrating for learners and teachers alike.
    How do we move from bits, bytes, pixels and sprites to connecting the dots?
    Wilga Rivers, in her 1976 book Speaking in many tongues: Essays in foreign language teaching says:
    We must find out what our students are interested in. This is our subject matter. As language teachers we are the most fortunate of teachers – all subjects are ours. The essence of language teaching is providing conditions for language learning – using the motivation which exists to increase our student's knowledge of the new language: we are limited only by our own caution, by our own hesitancy to do whatever our imagination suggests to us to create situations in which students feel involved …We need not be tied to a curriculum created for another situation or another group. We must adapt, innovate, improvise, in order to meet the student where he is and channel his motivation.
    Go for it.

    Beyond bits, bytes, pixels and sprites
    View more presentations from Bee.
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    languages (Sandburg and Cummins): -
    love letters: -

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    Session Title: Connect, Communicate and Collaborate
    Recent developments in ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) have enabled learners to connect, interact and collaborate through multimedia using a mix of free, web-based applications and services. The presenter will show how students from an international secondary school in Sao Paulo, Brazil took advantage of the social networking potential of the Web to contact, connect and engage in conversation with experts, other educators and peers from different countries. Participants will be given an overview of collaborative projects involving practice in the target language mediated by social tools in order to facilitate and extend communicative and cultural practice beyond classroom settings.
    Below II have summed upmentioned the main activities I have engagedWebheads in Action community and the upcoming conference now from . See the Call for Participation.
    If you are interested in new technologies in the classroom join the 6-week workshops of the Electronic Village Onlinesessions (free) which run yearly from mid-January to mid-February.
    I would also like to suggest two excellent books for :
    Online Communication in Language Learning and Teachingby Marie Noelle Lamy and Regine Hampel and Empowering Online Learning: 100+ Activities for Reading, Reflecting, Displaying, and Doing by Curtis Bonk and Ke Zhang.
    An interesting site for projects
    with European Schools - European Schoolnet
    Below you can check the main activities and projects
    my students have participated in and the
    and examples.
    I have also mentioned the Webheads in Action community and upcoming conference. See the Call for Participation. Feel free to join us with a presentation or just enjoy this free event online.

    Activities, Tools and Artifacts
    : Italian rennaiscence,renaiscence, Farrapos War,
    Individual blogs for reflection on learning process
    Posts to develop arguments for Copa webquest
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    Webheads in Action Online unConvergence
    3rd bi-annual free global online conference for teachers and education professionals
    Call for Participation for WiAOC 2009, May 22-24: Lifelong Learning, Connecting Facilitators, Transcending Borders
    Webheads in Action and, a world-wide multi-cultural online community of ESL/EFL educators and other language and education professionals, invites your participation in a unique international conference held entirely online. Participation is free and open to all who are interested.
    Date & Location of Events:
    May 22-24, 2009, on the Web, at a computer near you
    For information and registration go to: http://webheadsinaction.ning. com
    Description of Event:
    WiAOC 2009 follows on the success of our first two completely free online global convergences in 2005 and 2007 (links at )
    This year's unConvergence will be a celebration of the work of educational professionals from a variety of fields in a wide variety of formats.
    Why the 'un' in unConvergence? The WiAOC 2009 committee provides a framework for the convergence; however, the participants/presenters determine the focus and content of the convergence based on the identified tracks, so instead of submitting a proposal for review, we invite you to simply sign up for a time slot to present your ideas or research for discussion.
    You can do so here: schedule (request to join the wiki if wishing to present)
    Who should present at WiAOC?
    Students, Teachers, Educators, Administrators, IT professionals, librarians, and others interested in teaching, learning and technology. We encourage anyone interested in sharing expertise or discussing educational issues related to our theme to offer a session. WIAOC 2009 invites presentations (non-commercial only) that meet the needs of introductory through advanced users of educational technology on one or more of the conference tracks.
    Ubiquitous and Lifelong Learning
    How can we leverage the unprecedented anytime anywhere access to information, networks and expertise? What teaching-learning paradigms are best suited to these new realities? How do we harness distributed learning networks and communities of practice to foster ongoing intercultural understanding, collaboration and professional development?
    Emerging and Future Educational Technology
    What technology and tools do you fee most impact education? What is the future of teaching and learning given the trends predicted in publications such as the Horizon Report: ; e.g. use of mobile devices, cloud computing, geolocationary tools, the personal web, semantic aware applications, smart objects, virtual worlds, augmented reality, gaming, ubiquitous computing
    Educational Technology Worldwide
    What are the practical realities of worldwide digital divisions? How do we overcome societal, administrative, technical and financial constraints to create powerful learning experiences? What joys have we encountered in intercultural collaborations?
    Technology Innovations for Teaching and Learning
    What technology tools, open source or otherwise, have you used successfully to engage students in the learning process, create a sense of community, or promote collaborative peer-to-peer learning? What innovative practices with web 2.0 tools/features have resulted in deeper learning or enhanced productivity? Sub topics: digital portfolios, digital storytelling, blogs, wikis, microblogging, podcasting, international collaborative projects, social networking applications, voice / VOIP tools
    Virtual Worlds and Learning
    To what extent is the potential future of the Internet and education being realized for teachers and learners worldwide? What locations, tools and networks are essential for broadening understanding and educational practices in virtual worlds? How are libraries, museums, universities and private organizations providing freely available educational opportunities?
    Feel free to offer sessions in other areas if you feel your area is pertinent to our theme.
    Session Types
    Proposals are invited for synchronous events, asynchronous events, or a combination of the two. Session topics can be pedagogical or technical, and might include examples of practical work with students, training sessions, reports of research or research in progress, demonstrations of new media, or descriptions or explorations of how interaction takes place over the Internet—e.g., how online communities form as a result of computer-mediated communication.
    We encourage facilitators to incorporate an interactive component into the session (e.g.: an information presentation plus 15 min. question/answer period, or asynchronous presentation materials posted beforehand and a synchronous session to discuss them; interacting with other participants in hands-on demo or workshop format, etc.).
    Technical Requirements:
    Synchronous events (including, but not limited to presentations, workshops, demonstrations, panel / roundtable discussions, chats and conversations) can be held at any of our partners' voice-enabled presentation portals, or one of your own choosing. Training and assistance will be available for presenters wishing to use our partners' venues. Asynchronous events might include bulletin board discussions, online poster sessions, integration with content management systems, or other formats.
    Scheduling Presentations:
    To propose a session, simply join the wiki and fill in the information requested at schedule
    In order that we can finalize arrangements for presenting, streaming, recording and archiving,
    please sign up for a time slot by May 15, 2009.
    Conference TAG:
    Tagged artifacts will be aggregated during and around the time of this conference. Please tag any artifacts you create wiaoc09.
    Distributing the Call for Participation
    Thank you for helping us to publicize this event by sharing this CfP with all who might be interested in participating.
    Find a copy of this CfP at our Ning and linked from the sidebar at
    Hope to see you there!
    The WiAOC 2009 Organization Team and http://webheadsinaction.ning. com
    Tags: convergence, webheads, webheadsinaction, wiaoc, wiaoc2009, wiaoc9
    Look forward to seeing you all there,

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