Session Title: Connect, Communicate and Collaborate

Recent developments in ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) have enabled learners to connect, interact and collaborate through multimedia using a mix of free, web-based applications and services. The presenter will show how students from an international secondary school in Sao Paulo, Brazil took advantage of the social networking potential of the Web to contact, connect and engage in conversation with experts, other educators and peers from different countries. Participants will be given an overview of collaborative projects involving practice in the target language mediated by social tools in order to facilitate and extend communicative and cultural practice beyond classroom settings.

I have mentioned the Webheads in Action community and the upcoming conference now from . See the Call for Participation.
If you are interested in new technologies in the classroom join the 6-week workshops of the Electronic Village Onlinesessions (free) which run yearly from mid-January to mid-February.

I would also like to suggest two excellent books for :
Online Communication in Language Learning and Teachingby Marie Noelle Lamy and Regine Hampel and Empowering Online Learning: 100+ Activities for Reading, Reflecting, Displaying, and Doing by Curtis Bonk and Ke Zhang.
An interesting site for projects with European Schools - European Schoolnet

Below you can check the main activities and projects my students have participated in and the links that take you to the different sites and examples.


Activities, Tools and Artifacts

1997 - 1998

USA Connection
  • Correspondence with 9 American schools (e-mail , floppy disks, digital photos, films, digital book, cultural capsule)
  • Field trip study 15 days (inter-disciplinarity: English, History, Geography, Sciences, PE) – daily news from online site (photos, reports and emails)
  • Interviews for school newspaper, exhibition photos and students’ work

1999 - 2000

Twinsite 2000
  • Twinsite 2000 Contest - collaborative construction with a Dutch school (e-mail, ICQ, ftp, flash, Dreamweaver)
  • Research on the Internet , library, exhibition and digitalization primary sources (scanner)

1999 - 2002

The Classmate
  • Publishing through a journalism platform online (Highwired) - students and teacher take various roles : general editors, theme editors, article writerer, journalists, etc

1999 - 2003

This is Our Time
  • E-Twinning (discussion forums and e-mail)
  • Cultural rally (interdisciplinarity)
  • Translation of site and activities to French and Portuguese
  • Digitalize drawings
  • Interviews and local activities (ex. Peace Manifesto 2000) digitally documented

2001 - 2004

Viva Village
  • Copabacana District
  • Copabacana Foodquest
  • Planning and development of a Brazilian space in a French virtual town (discussion forums, e-mail, Internet research, digital drawings)
  • Decorating and hosting forums
  • Webquest created to decide on which type of restaurant to open

2003 - 2005

ECML Blogs

2006- 2007

Young Caucasus Women

Interviews New Zealand

Pods from the Tropics